Websites For Start-Ups 

So you have the perfect business idea, you want to get started and tell the world about your new business.  One of the first things most people consider is a website.

Website Design Looks Easy On TV

With lots of TV Adverts from the likes of Wix, Godaddy and IONOS telling us its easy to get cheap hosting and do it ourselves.  However, it is important to remember for commercial reasons these businesses need a regular supply of customers willing to pay for high margin slower cheap hosting based on older technologies. 

Whenever these businesses report to the stock exchange its about net new customers, whilst they provide basic tools for success they will rarely mirror the quality, speed or user engagement of a professionally designed website.  

Are All Website Designs Mobile Friendly?

Unfortunately the vast majority of websites for start-ups are not mobile friendly for a variety of reasons, including the speed of pages loading, a design that doesnt adapt to the device your using, and poor background programming that causes errors on browsers.

Websites For Start-Ups

Websites for Start-ups – How Fast Should A Website Load?

Hundreds of studies have been carried out regarding the drop off in conversion rates for e-commerce websites where each 1 second delay in loading the page, reduces the conversion rate by one percent.  

This potentially does not sound too bad if all your traffic was free, however with google shopping averaging 25p per click and the best performing sites only getting 5 sales for every £25 spent on advertising it can really start to hit the profitability of your business, if that dropped to 2 sales for every £25.

The unknown quantity is the reputational damage to your brand, customers are increasingly impatient about load speeds, some customers may never give you another opportunity if they have a slow experience on the first visit.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

How Fast Are Your Websites For Start-Ups?

Even our websites for start-ups are built for speed and ease of use even when they cost less than £1 a day.

We use the latest high performance cloud servers based in London Datacentres, we assign additional resources as your website grows to ensure your visitor performance is maintained.

Our Page builder is one of the fastest on the market as well as being hugely powerful and easy to use.

Every image on our websites are prepared so they load as quickly as possible whilst maintaining image quality.

Average Load Time

This Website Loads on Average in 1.2 Seconds, it has dozens of pages and images, but has been completely optimised for every environment.  Based on independent research this is the optimal load time.

Average Load Time

This Website Loads on Average in 5.2 Seconds, it is considered an excellent example of what can be achieved with WIX.  But How many more sales if it loaded 4 seconds faster.

Search Engine Optimisation – Google Search Ranking

Okay so your on the web its not longer a case of if we build it they will come like the movie Field of Dreams.  There are hundreds of millions of websites covering every subject you can imagine, with google using complex algorithyms to decide how often your website is seen by people looking for the goods or services you offer.

In the previous section we discussed speed and how important is was for the visitor, well google likes happy visitors and now takes the performance of your website into account when deciding on the ranking of your content or product.  Naturally appearing in prominent search engine rankings can save your business huge amounts of advertising funds.

Search Engine Optimisation Websites For Start-Ups

What Tools Do We Provide To Help With SEO

We understand that even basic search engine optimisation is difficult for our customers to do on their own, but we want to help you avoid paying extra for on-page SEO services.

Even in our entry level websites for start-ups we have included a tool which will rate every page, product or blog article with a score out of 100 in likelihood to rank, to make this even easier the tool gives you a checklist to follow.


Seo Ranking Tool Included In Website Design Package

We are going to provide a much more detailed guide to getting as close as possible to 100%, but you can see this has been designed to be done by end users not SEO experts costing hundreds of pounds a month.  If you would like us to help you optimise your blog posts we can do this for a fixed low monthly fee but we would rather you are able to do this.


When it comes to launching your business online, the real cost is the opportunity cost of spending time building a website that portrays your business in a professional manner and has the best chance to naturally rise in google rankings over time.  

Our entry level websites for start-ups cost only £25 Per Month ex VAT, this includes address registration, design, hosting, technical support and over £400 worth of tools designed to make your site easier to manage and to improve SEO.

Talk to one of friendly team about how we can help your business get online 0333 050 8667.