Search Engine Optimisation Wolverhampton

We approach every project with a proven, consistent formula to identify golden keywords and long tail keywords that have the best opportunity to deliver relevant organic traffic.

SEO Analysis

Our experienced SEO Analysts based in wolverhampton use cutting edge technology to review all factors associated with SEO.  This list includes as a minimum the technical aspects of your web site including load times, backlinks, current traffic generated and keywords that are working for you.

Keyword Analysis

Unlike the majority of SEO Providers in Wolverhampton we no longer use educated guesses to identify potential keywords, we use AI to find “golden keywords” which are regularly searched with limited competition.  No more trying to rank against 5000 other articles.

Competitor Analysis

Our AI will analyse your competitors websites for opportunities that we can exploit, this may be broken backlinks, keyword density, golden keywords we can attempt to outrank for a reasonable amount of traffic as quick wins, very few competitors give no opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

Planning and Creating Your New Content

Our content creators will use our AI to help identify the format, content, image count and word count that will provide the best possible opportunity to rank natural on google.

We always manually request google indexing on all content as soon as it goes live as the index process can take some time.

Building Consistent Improvements In Organic Google Traffic

Building Consistent Improvements in Organic Traffic

We will look to work with you to build consistent improvements in organic traffic, with the ever increasing costs associated with pay per click marketing the long term opportunities to achieve 10x Savings Compared to investing in Pay Per Click alone are huge.


How we use AI

We are a technology business our managing partner has decades of experience in maximising the benefits that new technology can bring.

We have invested heavily in artificial intelligence so we can take the educated guess work out of keyword research.  

The AI finds long tail keywords with no direct search match in minutes.  Allowing us to target opportunities to create content that meets these search terms directly.

These “golden keywords” can deliver thousands of search impressions a month with limited competition.

We think outside the box, no more fighting for ranking against thousands of similar pages.

This cutting edge technology also confirms the word count, number images and much more to give your content the best opportunity to rank naturally against other posts.


We Use Artificial Intelligence To Find Opportunities To Rank Naturally In Google

We Follow A Proven Formula for Success.

Our experienced Search Engine Optimization Professionals based in Wolverhampton, only work based on long term success for the website by following a proven process on every single project.

In our experience we find organisations offering short term fixes to SEO requirements usually do more harm than good, quality of the work done is the key to success.

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Let’s Work Together

We would love to get a better understanding of your requirements, for a free no obligation consultation please use the contact form giving as much initial information as possible.