What is the impact of site load times on google rankings

Since the start of the web, speed has never really been considered to be of key importance by the vast majority of web design agencies.  With many agencies still focused on producing websites that look and work best on Desktops rather than responsive sites tested for tablets and mobile devices.  They have not even considered the impact of site speed on google rankings.

For a number of years Google has provided a page speed insights tool which was focused on performance on mobile devices which are the most likely to have limited data connectivity at many times, with the role out of 5G we are seeing faster speeds in many areas but we still all have blackspots which offer little or no speed or phone signal.

Since the start of paid advertising for Google Shopping in 2012 Google has become more aware of the importance of the potential revenue streams that e-commerce advertising can bring.

Google has two core challenges with Google Shopping to create adverts that attract shoppers and provide access to websites so they can complete their purchase, as huge amounts of user data has been collected it quickly became clear that slower loading websites were not converting the opportunities which led to user disenchantment with the service and also a reduced return on investment for advertisers which impacts future budgets.

The development of faster modern websites benefits Google, Users and most importantly our clients.


Impact Of Site Load Times

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