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How Targeted Website Content Can Deliver A Sales Pipeline in 2022

If we take “getting the most out of life” and change that to “maximising the return on investment of our website” they are very similar concepts.

In my experience very few businesses maximise the return on investment that a website can deliver.

– Many business websites are static, very limited new content
– The website doesn’t have a focus
– The website doesn’t have a call to action
– The website doesn’t build confidence in your business
– Many business websites never appear on google searches
– Many businesses don’t track who visits the website
– Many businesses don’t know where that visitor originated
– Many businesses don’t collect contact details for that visitor

I was very lucky to receive training from Dermot Collins when at BT, and he was brought in to the business to help remove some of the challenges seen in the example below:-

You listen to a call from a salesperson where the customer is interested in what you do but:-

-the call doesn’t have any focus
-the salesperson doesn’t build confidence in your business
-the salesperson fails to collect contact details for the prospect
-the salesperson fails to give the prospect an opportunity to purchase or book a meeting?

This call would be a nightmare scenario for anyone who owns a business, whether the opportunity is for laptop or a 10 printers for a large business.

If the salesperson did this for six months in a row imagine the amount of lost revenue!!

Why do we accept this kind of behaviour from our websites??

– Your website is the sales person that never sleeps!
– It doesn’t call in sick!
– It won’t leave you for a better offer!
– You need to feed it with engaging targeted content

If you cannot feed it engaging targeted content then engage an agency like ourselves to do it, we will deliver 15x ROAS compared to google search advert cost per click over 12 months or we will credit back the money you invest, with packages starting at £199 a month.

YES we are BIASED we build websites that create opportunities for businesses from £25 a month with ZERO capital outlay.

YES we are BIASED we create content, that is focused on what your potential customers are searching for, we build confidence in your business and we look to either book a meeting, create an enquiry or close the deal online.

WAKE UP the salesperson that never sleeps, we are ready to help at, drop me a message or call 0333 050 8667

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